Audience First When It Comes To Events

Remember that no matter what, events are about people. It is often difficult for event planners to separate themselves from that equation. Often times the committee in charge thinks of themselves first and not their intended audience.

peopleAny event, from a solemn memorial service to a fun 50’s dance has an intended audience and it is best to start out the planning by trying to identify their needs. What will make the event successful for them? This is the critical question. The answer often involves simple things like good customer service. Take the time to really think it through. Most times the audience wants to have a good experience and not necessarily take home a bag of little trinkets that mostly end up in the garbage anyway. Decide on a very clear mission for your event before you start. Once you have that you can ask yourself “does this help our mission?” every time you are making a decision. The mission is your guiding principal.

If the audience has a good and memorable experience, they are more likely to come back the next time you plan an event. If things are complicated and difficult and not enjoyable, you’ve likely lost a potential audience member for good. Even if your event is to raise money for a terminally ill patient, your event has to add value to the audience that is there to offer their support to the guest of honor. It does not matter if you are running a 20,000 person festival or a 50 person speaking event. Events are about people. Keep that in mind from the first brainstorming session up to the day of the event, if you want the best chance of success.