Dave Fultz – Speaker

DavefultzWhoever it was that coined the phrase “unique perspective” must have had Dave in mind. From a former life in manufacturing management that included stints in engineering, special procurement, quality control, safety manager and industrial trainer to his present position as a professional fool, Dave truly comes at life from a different angle. The fascinating part is that he made it all work and you can too!

When Dave dropped out of the nine to five world several years ago he didn’t exactly leave everything behind. He brought with him the knowledge of how negative emotions and stress impede our ability to accomplish our goals. More importantly though, he comes equipped with what to do about it. That’s the key. He doesn’t just make you feel good in the moment only to have that feeling fade with the dilution of time like so many motivational speakers.

Dave now entertains and informs audiences all over New York State as a juggler, humorist and public speaker. His talk entitled “Marry well and Look the Ball into Your Glove” is a fascinating and unique approach to life and self improvement. You already have the tools it takes to change your life. Realizing it and embracing the utilization of those tools is the key. Dave’s talk is very humorous, interesting, and extremely memorable and “It comes with a 30-step guarantee!”.

Dave Fultz is a professional Juggler who travels with his son Kyle to deliver highly entertaining and hilarious juggling shows, workshops, and educational programs. Dave is a dynamic public speaker with a great message. If you’re not careful, Dave just might help you to laugh your way to happiness and success.


Dave is appropriate for all aged audiences, and audiences of all sizes


Self Improvement: “Marry Well and Look the Ball Into Your Glove”, Wellness: “Juggling for Health”, Career Choices: “There’s More that One Way to Skin a Career”

Fee: $251-$500

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You may contact Dave for booking information, fees, and availability, or you can visit this website below.

 E-mail inquires: davef@gravitationalbull.com

Phone: (716) 832-3215    

Website: https://www.gravitationalbull.com