Details Make or Break Events

The total event experience is defined by of all of the little details that your audience members process and hopefully enjoy. From the first things that they encounter to the last. From the simplest things to the most complex. Each of those details, working together, will make or break your event.

detailsAs you are planning your event, keep the details in mind. Remember that the details are experienced by all of the senses. Sight – are the elements of your event aesthetically pleasing or are things a disorganized mess? Are there nice table settings, well designed easy to understand signs, and appealing food presentations, or is it all just thrown together? You don’t need to spend a lot of money on those things. You just need to make it important and spend some time on it. Even plastic eating utensils can be made to look nice with a little attention to details.

Sound – Is the sound quality good? Can you hear and understand the speakers? Is there pleasing music at an appropriate level in the background? No one likes to eat dinner over a screaming rock band. Remember that almost every event is a networking event for someone. Keep the music at an appropriate volume so attendees don’t have to scream over it.

Smell – Bad odors can kill an experience quickly. Pay attention to how things smell. Delicious food smells make people feel good. Aromatic flowers can also trigger smiles. Often overlooked, the aromas at your event can have a positive or negative event. There’s a reason that Realtors often bake cookies right before a house showing.

From the planning stages through the day of the event, be aware that your event is a complete sensory experience. Be mindful of the little things and you have that much more chance of success.