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ncs-banner-2When it’s all said and done, we love. Every wedding, every family portrait shoot, it’s all about love. We love each other and we love our couples and we love that we are afforded the opportunity to make amazing photographs with you.

It’s really that simple. You, us, smiles, laughter, joy and cameras. We focus on everything but the machine capturing moments, and it just works. As for our professional background, we were photojournalists in the military for several years. Alyssa was in the Navy and Rich was in the US Marine Corps. We met and fell in love and got married.

Pretty early on in the “planning our lives” game, we knew we wanted to have children and be with them. A lot. But what we were best at in life was photographing people. So what did we do? We shot a wedding. And then another. And we worked with some families. And we discovered that we loved it, and we were good at it – and we wanted to get a whole lot better.

NCS Photo SmallWe had grown weary of the trips overseas and being ripped apart by our service, so we decided not to re-enlist and we moved home to Buffalo to take a leap of faith. And we photographed and had a son, and photographed, and bought an old house, and photographed, and loved, and photographed, and had another son, and photographed some more. Everything we could shoot, we shot, constantly working to improve and give our clients every last bit of ourselves we could give.

Seven years after our move, we still love what we do. We’d love to do it with you.

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