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“The world has changed over the past two decades. There is no longer a need for kids to memorize dates and tidbits of information that are now easily available of the internet.  We need to teach our students how to access and use the information available on the web, and we need to teach them the skills that they need to be successful” —Peter Herr

Pete Herr is an award-winning high school teacher who has been sharing his lessons in leadership, marketing, public speaking, journalism, and various creative design classes for almost two decades. In his role as an educator, Pete works hard to create classes that are engaging and filled with “life lessons” on top of the prescribed curriculum.

Pete’s early career was a varied one. After graduating from Wittenberg University with a degree in Theater, he immediately went to work in the world of professional theater. During that time he met his beautiful wife, Linda.  After they were married Pete’s career underwent several changes before landing his current high school teaching position. In addition to teaching, Pete has also served as his school’s Visual and Performing Arts Chair, Director of Facilities, Director of Operations, Director of Student Activities, and a member of the marketing committee.  Pete additionally co-directs several of his school’s student stage productions each year.

Along with his long-running teaching career, Pete has been blogging since the early days of the Internet, posting his views on a variety of topics including success skills, parenting and education, politics and life in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Pete is also a concerned community activist and a dedicated volunteer. He has served on the Board of Directors for Upstage New York, Lancaster-Depew Teen Idol, and The Lancaster Youth Foundation.

In 1994, Pete’s life took an unexpected turn as his then four-year old daughter, Rebecca, was diagnosed with cancer. Life changed dramatically for Pete during the 21-months which Rebecca battled the disease.  In the years following her death, he sought to pick up the pieces in less-than-healthy ways. He also learned about the generosity of strangers, the value of community, the importance of family, and the worth of inner strength (not always his own). Despite the terrible loss of his daughter, Pete credits some of his successes in recent years to the lessons he learned during and after this challenging time.

Pete recently finished his first book “10 Things We Should Teach You in High School and Usually Don’t” and is currently available on Amazon.

Pete loves to share his positive messages about possibilities with your group.


Pete is appropriate for all aged audiences, and audiences of all sizes


Self-Improvement, Leadership and Strategic Planning, Education, Grieving, Connecting, Social Media and New Media,  Small Business Marketing, Entrepreneurship, life in Buffalo, DIY anything.

Fee: $500-$1000

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