Choosing the right speaker is essential to the success of your event. Below is a list of speakers who are available to speak at your Western New York event. They come from all walks of life and represent a variety of life experiences. The speakers also charge very different fees for their presentations, so there are speakers to fit all different budgets. This website is an advertising website, and the speakers listed here have paid a fee to be listed. The website makes no claims as to the quality of the speaker. No warranties or guarantees are made. Contracts will be made directly with the speakers, and not with the website.

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christinathumbChristina Abt – Accomplished author, radio personality, newspaper columnist, and PR specialist, Christina Abt has served as an emcee and keynote speaker for events throughout the Western New York region. She has spoken to audiences of all ages and sizes on a variety of topics including: leadership, spirituality, women and politics.  Christina’s appeal ranges from grade school children to senior citizens, business owners to young mothers.  She has delivered commencement addresses and award speeches, appearing in small church halls and convention banquet halls.  Yet no matter the topic, the audience or the venue, the end result is always the same.  Christina speaks from her heart and touches her listener’s souls.

Themes: Leadership, spirituality, inspiration, achievement, motherhood and children, families, aging parents, food, politics, women (related to just about any topic), writing (as a career, journaling, family history, how to get published), horses (training, breeding, showing).

Fee Range: Negotiable


brendancunninghamthumbBrendan J. Cunningham – With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit, throughout the US and Canada, this former Fortune 500 Business Consultant stands ready to get you and or your team to the next level. And with a coaching and consulting methodology described by some as one part, Dr Phil, two parts General Patton, with a jigger of Colombo thrown in for taste; he is guaranteed to produce results you never even dreamed were possible. He is a member of the Coaches Exchange, and he is also currently the host of the very popular “Getting the Edge in Business” show on blogtalkradio. His ground breaking second book, “The Seventh Sense: the Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business,” has already created quite a stir in the self-help field and is based on the success formula he discovered and continues to use while working with clients who continue to benefit from his business coaching.

Themes: Marketing, product positioning, fiscal management, team building and rainmaking.

Fee Range: Negotiable



Dave Fultz SpeakerDave Fultz – Whoever it was that coined the phrase “unique perspective” must have had Dave in mind. From a former life in manufacturing management that included stints in engineering, special procurement, quality control, safety manager and industrial trainer to his present position as a professional fool, Dave truly comes at life from a different angle. When Dave dropped out of the nine to five world several years ago he didn’t exactly leave everything behind. He brought with him the knowledge of how negative emotions and stress impede our ability to accomplish our goals. More importantly though, he comes equipped with what to do about it. That’s the key. He doesn’t just make you feel good in the moment only to have that feeling fade with the dilution of time like so many motivational speakers.

Themes: Self Improvement: “Marry Well and Look the Ball Into Your Glove”, Wellness: “Juggling for Health”, Career Choices: “There’s More that One Way to Skin a Career”

Fee Range: $251-500



peteherrthumbPete Herr Award winning teacher and author, Pete Herr has been teaching his lessons of leadership, public speaking, marketing, personal finance and media for over two decades. In recent years, he has become an active blogger and social media user. In the mid 1990’s Pete lost his daughter to Cancer and putting his life back together took many years and many more lessons on the generosity of strangers, the value of community, the importance of family, and about inner strength (not always his own). Despite the terrible loss, Pete credits some of his successes in recent years to the lessons he learned during and after this terrible time. He has distilled all of the lessons learned during that tragic time, plus a career that included professional theater, freelancing, management, teaching, retail, and education administration, into a series of talks for groups of any type and size.

Themes: Self-Improvement, Leadership and Strategic Planning, Parenting, Education, Grieving, Connecting, Social Media and New Media,  Small Business Marketing, Entrepreneurship, life in Buffalo.

Fee Range: $500-1000 . Travel expenses not included. Discounts available for not-for-profit groups. Workshops available. Contact Pete to put together a custom designed program for you, even of your budget is lower.


kilgorethumbEd Kilgore
 – Ed Kilgore’s achieved many things over his long career, but one of the things he’s proudest of is having worked for 40 years in the same market, and at the same station, no less. In a time where on-air personalities come and go, Ed has been the foundation of the Sports Department at Buffalo’s WGRZ, Channel 2 for almost the entirety of his career, serving as Sports Director since 1974. At age 63, when most men who had accomplished so much would be looking towards retirement and the golf course, Ed decided to embark on two more great adventures. In August of 2010, a group organized by Ed climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. In 2012, Ed published his memoir, “As I’ve Seen It – Wide Right, No Goal and Other Buffalo Sports Sagas”. Ed is appropriate for audiences of all ages and sizes.

Themes: Inspiration, Teamwork, Leadership, Buffalo sports scene

Fee Range: $1500 plus travel expenses.



lauberthumbAmy Jo Lauber – Certified Financial Planner(TM) Amy Jo Lauber has spent her career working with money. As the owner of Lauber Financial Services, Amy Jo mas made it her mission to “help people find peace with money and abundance”.  Amy Jo is the author of the book “Living Inspired and Financially Empowered – Aligning Our Spiritual and Material Lives”, in which she empowers readers to attain a holistic financial wellness. Amy Jo talks about the psychological, sociological, spiritual and emotional aspects of money and abundance. Amy Jo is appropriate for audiences of all ages and all sizes. She is available for speaking engagements, workshops or day long retreats.

Themes: Talking about the psychological, sociological, spiritual and emotional aspects of money and abundance.

Fee Range: Negotiable, depending on length of event. Starting at $150 . Contact Amy Jo for fees for workshops, seminars or daylong retreats.                                        



tamarathumbTamara McMillan – Specializing in youth development and personal empowerment, Tamara McMillan is one of Western New York’s most dynamic and energetic presenters. The founder of McMillan Empowerment Enterprise, Tamara has developed a series of events designed to inspire at different levels. Her warm and inviting personality has resulted in speaking engagements with many non-profits, pre-collegiate programs, student clubs and organizations, colleges and businesses . It’s her desire to encourage everyone to connect their Passion to their Purpose! While she specializes in empowering women, Tamara is appropriate for audiences of all ages and all sizes.

Themes: Leadership, empowerment, inspiration, achievement, women

Fee Range: Contact Tamara to design a program for your group.       



pilcthumbDr. James Pilc  is a physician, father, and author. “Unstuck: The Enlightenment of Medicine” is his first book in a series of works integrating medicine, spirituality, and personal development. Pilc’s guided meditation shares the philosophies of Buddhist meditation, contemplative prayer and deep relaxation. After being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2005, he came to meditation as a complementary therapy to help with healing.

Themes: Healing, Wellness, Meditation, Recovery, Holistic Health, Inspiration, Personal Development, Fusion Medicine, Spirituality,”Body, Mind, Spirit”, Self-Help

Fee Range: Negotiable



mikerandallthumbMike Randall – Mike Randall, Senior Meteorologist at WKBW-TV, is the only local meteorologist with seals from both the American Meteorological Society and The National Weather Association.

As an award winning feature reporter, Mike has been covering fun places and interesting people around Western New York throughout his three decades at WKBW-TV.  Over the years he has interviewed stars like; Red Skelton, Robert Goulet, Bill Cosby, Steve Allen, Gregory Peck, John Candy, Jerry Lewis and Willie Nelson. Buffalo News TV Critic Alan Pergament referred to Mike Randall as a “Channel 7 mainstay” and recently wrote  “He has replaced two Channel 7 legends – feature reporter Don Polec and weatherman Tom Jolls – and has become one in the process.”

Themes – Television, Weather, Western New York

Fee Range: Negotiable



walterthumbMatthew Walter – Entrepreneur, Consultant and businessman Matthew Walter has experience working in many different sectors including Entertainment, Human Resources, Theater, Retail, and Restaurant Management. In his current position as Chief Operating Officer of WNY’s Oogie Games, Matthew has helped the company achieve exceptional growth in both locations and number of employees, as well as sales. A practitioner of lifelong learning ,creative problem solving, and community volunteerism, Matthew enjoys sharing his experiences and inspiring audiences of all ages and sizes.

Themes: Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, Inspiration, Teamwork, politics of business, lifelong learning, marketing.

Fee Range: $500-$1500. Discounts available. Long distance travel and accommodations not included.



frankwoodthumbFrank Wood PhD – A licensed psychologist, Dr. Wood earned a PhD in clinical psychology and practice as a licensed psychologist. In both his practice as a psychologist and through his education, Dr. Wood has become a respected leader in the treatment of stress.A respected speaker, Dr. Wood has been invited to local, regional and national conferences to share his fresh approach to stress.

Themes: Stress, Effects of Stress, Stress Management

Fee Range: Negotiable


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